What should I expect at my first appointment?

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    Gait evaluation typically includes visual and/or subjective observation of the dog from a number of angles at both the walk and trot on a flat surface. To the trained eye, lameness can often be detected upon gait evaluation.

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    Palpation is a method of feeling with the fingers or hands during a physical examination to examine the size, consistency, texture, location, and tenderness of an organ or body part.

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    Treatment, depending on the clinical assessment, may include: Canine Massage, Electrotherapies, Range of Motion, Active Range of Motion, Stretching and Home Exercise Plan.

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    Hydrotherapy programme specifically is individually tailored and designed around each individual patient, to provide the best rehabilitation with the aim of improving and maintaining your dogs physical and mental wellbeing.

In vet physiotherapy it is important to follow patients through the whole rehabilitation process to achieve the best results.

You will be given a home care plan that includes specific advice and a home exercise programme, and it’s likely you will need to return for a programme of continued rehabilitation which will be explained to you.

Recovery is progressed until either full function is achieved or your dog, cat or horse’s clinician deems it appropriate for them to be discharged.

Physiotherapy maintenance sessions may be necessary to minimise recurrence of any issues, but we will let you know if this is the case, so that you know what to expect.

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  • Julia Hewerdine 3 years ago

    Excellent knowledge and treatment of my horses. I have used Rosy to both improve performance and to assist in injury recovery. In both circumstances the treatment given played a vital role in the outcome. Her knowledge is excellent, explaining as she went and left us with exercises to assist further. Thoroughly recommend.

  • alexandra smith 3 years ago

    Fantastic service from Rosy, she has been working with our Border Collie for some months who had a soft tissue shoulder injury. Our dog has now fully recovered. As she is a Flyball Dog she will be fit to resume her athletic life when Covid restrictions lift. We will be continuing to use Rosy's services monthly to ensure that our pet stays well. We would have not hesitation in recommending Rosy to anyone

  • Deborah K 3 years ago

    Rosy did a full assessment on our young active dobermann P, and specifically with regards to her movement for mantrailing and canicross. Rosy checked how she moved in general and also in each of her harnesses.. P is over enthusiastic at the best of times, in fact she is a total nutter... but Rosy has a fab calm approach which really helps to settle her and get her to focus. She also wasn't put off by 36kg of muddy dobe saying hi at eye level! Rosy keeps it simple...explains the cause and how it affects movement...goes over each exercise clearly in the session. We also really like the back up email summary which we print off and use as our daily checklist. Brill for those of us with a memory like a sieve. P has shown a big improvement after the first session, and the different treatments Rosy used. We are really enjoying fitting the exercises in to our routines at home...they seem to tire her brain out too, which is an added bonus. Very happy to have found Rosy...and have already recommended to a friend!

  • Mandy Colbourne 3 years ago

    Pip once again, overstretched on an old injury and I noticed he was lame on Tuesday. On Thursday Rosy saw him and treated him and within 24 hours his gait was back to normal.. Exercise regime given by email and instructions on how to proceed for the next 2 weeks. Excellent service, prompt, reliable and an expert when it comes to handling all animals. Highly recommended without hesitation.

  • vicky edwards 3 years ago

    Cannot recommend Rosy highly enough!! Fantastic treatments for my horses- they always love her massages! Very professional, excellent advice on what I need to do in between appointments.

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